KULICK WOOD is a brand that creates its product from its own idea: "We start with an idea".

We do not follow trends and commercial trends of the market, but reflect our own ideas about design and style of wooden products.

Our main values are an individual approach to each order, taking into account all wishes, high quality products, originality.

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The development of new items and entire lines of furniture is a very responsible and troublesome job for us. One of the rules when creating furniture is quality, convenience and modernity. Therefore, we have established input quality control of all components and materials, as well as control at all stages of production.

We also conduct a number of tests and work directly with customers to improve our products.

However, standard basic models are not the limit of our production, we also create a new individual product at the request of our customer, but in our original version.

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At the moment we have managed to design and implement the following product lines: AIR, AIR 2, MOVE and CALOR. All these collections have their own history of creation, each of which is interesting and special.

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